HardwickGC Client Q&A: Maitland Renovation


The Hardwick General Contracting team recently completed a renovation project with Ted Maines Interiors in Maitland. A dated, fragmented home was opened up and modernized for a perfect combination of family living and entertaining. We sat down with the homeowner, Jennifer Richardson, to learn more about her experience with HardwickGC.

1. How did you first hear about HardwickGC?
We hired the designer first, and the designer recommended we get a few bids from a couple of different contractors. It turns out that Greg lives right nearby, he’s our neighbor. We loved his proposal and chose to work with Hardwick General Contracting.
2. What renovation work did you hire HardwickGC to do?
We were looking to renovate the entry and all of the common spaces of our lakefront home in Maitland: the entry, dining room, kitchen, and the family room.
3. What results do you get from working with HardwickGC?
Our house was built in 2000 and then the same owners had had it for 20 years. It really hadn't had any updates: everything was yellow and brown with a very ‘late 90s’ look. It was kind of compartmentalized: four separate rooms made up the common space of the home, and it’s a very long house. We made it our own and brought it into 2020. We got rid of two different walls and made the common spaces into two rooms, instead of four. Our new color palette is white and gray with black accents We put in a bar since we love to entertain and have people over. We made it really modern, open and more fun.
4. What did you like most about working with HardwickGC?
You know, it was a really great experience. It was like having a friend in the house. The superintendent came here every day and he took care of every little thing that needed to be done. He saw issues before I did, and by the time I noticed something, he already was on it. I liked having someone that feels very capable and also super relatable, it was nice. For three months, doing a renovation, you have someone in your home every day. And we have little kids, so it was nice to have somebody that you feel comfortable with having around. Honestly, I miss them, it’s funny!
5. Why would you recommend HardwickGC to someone who might be on the fence?
They just did a great job, they created good results. They were easy to work with. They were fair. They were competent. I liked that they offered options. If we wanted to take it to the max with the most high-end stuff, they were right with you on that. Or If we wanted some other options for saving money on certain things, he's able to help me with that too so it felt like Hardwick offered the whole spectrum.
6. What was your experience with the members of the HardwickGC team?
Brian, the superintendent, was there every day, and he was just wonderful. Jennifer in the office was great, very organized, she was on top of all her stuff. Donna was great with the accounting, so we always knew where we stood.
7. What is your home like now?
We worked with our designer, Ted Maines, and with Hardwick General Contracting to make something truly special. We have all these new finishes and everything is more durable, more contemporary and built for entertaining.
8. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working with HardwickGC?
I think just how easy it was to communicate with them. Anytime there was a question, Greg was right on the phone with me. It just felt like a very like open communication, everybody was up-front and real and able to answer questions directly. I’m super happy with the experience, they did a great job, it was timely, it was a great thing.



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