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Luxury Homes In Orlando Brought To Life

Your dream home is waiting — you just need the right team to bring it to life! At Hardwick General Contracting, we take pride in providing our community with the tools and expertise needed to do exactly that. From new construction projects to luxury remodels, we’re here for you at every step of the way. Here are just a few ways you can enlist Hardwick GC’s help for crafting your dream home.

"We specialize in building distinctive homes for our clients, challenging ourselves daily to make award-winning choices that enrich our world and their lives."  – Greg Hardwick

Turnkey Projects

There are many vital steps involved in the design process for luxury homes in Orlando — fortunately, you only need to take one of them. Calling Hardwick GC, that is! For clients who have an idea in mind, but need help fulfilling their vision, we can take care of every detail — from design, to pre-construction, to the construction process. Let us bring your vision to life, even if you’re not exactly sure what that vision is just yet.  

Pre-Construction Services 

Well before ground is broken on a new home, preconstruction gets the journey started — and the right team can set the tone for a smooth, stress-free project! Enlist our help with pre-construction steps like design, estimates, permitting, and more. 

High-Performance Building

Think of a high-performance building as the whole package — a structure that blends eye-catching comfort and luxury with sustainable features and optimization homeowners (and their communities) can feel good about. At Hardwick GC, this is the level we operate at — every day, on every project, and in every home. 

Green Building

As part of the Florida Green Building Coalition, we proudly uphold eco-conscious practices — such as energy efficiency, site impact, and disaster mitigation — in our luxury homes. With Hardwick GC, sustainability comes standard — it’s not an extra! Such is our devotion to this aspect of homebuilding, that we were the coalition’s first-ever Platinum Level certification — a testament to our passion for green innovation. 

"We take time to learn about innovative and proven building techniques - those that will fortify homes we build, safeguard our client’s investment, and respect our environment."  – Greg Hardwick

What is Green Building?

The Green Building process is simply a better way to build. Green building is not a new concept. Green building today combines the best practices in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, durability and overall environmental impact of the structure.

Green Building is easier than you think!

Florida Green Building Coalition

Quality and sustainability are mainstays of a Hardwick GC home. Their team has achieved many “firsts” in the Sustainability and Green Building area including the first ever Platinum Level certification through the Florida Green Building Coalition.

The Florida Green Home Standard developed by the Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc.(FGBC) includes best practices in 8 categories, including:

Energy Efficiency – HERS Rating, plus additional items
Water Conservation – fixtures, irrigation, landscape strategies
Lot Choice - land use strategies, infill site
Site Impact –erosion control, protection of existing vegetation
Health – indoor air quality, moisture control, ventilation
Materials – recycled content, durability
Disaster Mitigation – termite, hurricane, flood, fire resistant building practices
General – remodeling of existing structure, builder provided home owner’s manual/education, guaranteed energy bills


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