7 Home Technology Pillars of a Hardwick General Contracting Custom Home


Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home, but this can mean different things to different people. Nowadays, more people are turning to innovative home amenities to improve their lives. Home technology has become a reliable way to improve quality of life in ways that homeowners once had to complete themselves.

Hardwick General Contracting is proud to introduce homeowners to the new age of homeownership by building what we call TecHomes. These cutting-edge homes boast a wide array of benefits that we categorize into seven different buckets.

7 Central Benefits of a Smart Home by HardwickGC

There are many advantages to purchasing one of HardwickGC’s new TecHomes. Understanding the conveni...

What to Expect from Your High-Performance Build Experience


Many homebuyers are forgoing house hunting in favor of working with custom builders and designers to create a high-performance home that suits their lifestyle and checks all the boxes in their must-have columns.

A high-performance home can help you minimize your carbon footprint, protect your home value, and save money on energy and home repairs.

Read on to learn all about high-performance homes and what to expect from your high-performance build when working with Orlando custom home builders.

What Makes a Home a High-Performance Home?

In order for a home to become an official Certified High Performance (CHiP) home, it must be inspected and verified by a third party.

In addition, a certified RE...

Here's What's Important When Selecting a Custom Home Builder


There are many new luxury homes for sale in Central Florida. But if you want something that's truly yours and tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, it's a good idea to hire a custom home builder in the area.

To make that process as easy and frustration- free as possible, it’s essential to understand what is most important when selecting a custom home builder.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder

Choosing a custom home builder who is right for you is a vital step in the home-building process. You don’t want to sign a contract, only to realize your home builder can't deliver your vision later.

Five simple tips can help you narrow down candidates and feel more confident in y...

4 Ways to Embrace “Smart” Sustainability in Your Custom Home


Building a custom home is an exciting project that comes with endless possibilities. As you’re designing your home, there are many details you’ll want to consider to ensure it’s being built to your exact specifications.

At Hardwick General Contracting, we take time to learn about innovative and proven building techniques - those that will fortify homes we build, safeguard our client’s investment, and respect our environment.

These days, sustainability is a top priority for those building new homes. The idea that homes can run in a more efficient fashion and last longer is becoming increasingly popular, and there have never been more strategies for doing so.

Why Focus on ...

Our 2021 Parade of Homes Renovation took top honors again this year as the Grand Award Winner! Meet one team member who helped make it happen.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge Bryan, our Construction Supervisor. Our Parade of Homes 2021 First Place and Grand Award-Winning remodel in Winter Park was the first time Bryan has led a project on his own. From day one, he rocked it, and we are so proud of the leader he’s become. temp-post-image

Bryan lives in Deland with his wife and son, and he’s a native Floridian. He’s has been a part of the Hardwick General Contracting family for over nine years, and he truly understand the importance of making sure each home fits the family’s wants and needs. Not only does Bryan enjoy the homebuilding process, but he’s also passionate about serving HardwickGC customers with resp...

A Deep Dive into our 2021 Parade of Home Entry - Winter Park Dream Home Transformation


For the 2021 Parade of Homes Orlando, Hardwick General Contracting entered a remodeling project in Winter Park that we call Winter Park Dream Home Transformation. This home had all ingredients of a perfect Winter Park family home. It just needed some pizazz! Our team was selected to transform this home into a luxury retreat. The team worked closely with Ted Maines Interiors and homeowners to make a home that truly works for the busy Freeman family. Greg Hardwick notes, "The Freemans are incredible owners, we had a lot of fun working with them, and Ted Maines Interiors really helped us put everything together." Let’s look at what went into this dramatic transformation.

Exterior Faceli...

Ask The Builder: 2021 Custom Homebuilding Trends


Greg Hardwick:

At HardwickGC, we do not really follow trends, because each home we build is completely customized to the homeowner’s specifications. We start over with every home, based on what that homeowner wants in the design, the interior amenities, and specifications. However, I have been able to identify some new things that many people seem to be looking for in 2021. Three things that are really surging this year are home automation, dedicated spaces and resort living.

Home Automation

The first is home automation, and that is something we are doing in almost every new home right now. We are also building home automation retrofits into some of our more extensive renovation pro...

Meet the Team - Project Coordination

"I have been in this industry from beginning to end, and I just think it is such a flexible industry with so many components. I love the artsy aspect of it, seeing all the new materials and how they come together. We are making beautiful things that will be there for a long time."


Today, let’s get to know Tana Mitchell, our Project Coordinator at Hardwick General Contracting. Tana is a fixer, planner, and problem-solver. If you ask anyone at HardwickGC what Tana’s greatest strength is, they will tell you ‘she gets things DONE’! We’ll find out a bit more about Tana, including her passion for architecture and design.

Where do you reside in Central Florida?
I rec...

Meet the Team - Construction Management

To a customer seeking out a new home builder, the process can all be a little overwhelming. It's easy to wonder:

Who are the real people behind all the glitz and glamour?


We want our clients to get to know HardwickGC team members who will be partnering with them to create the home of their dreams. Today, we introduce you to our Construction Manager, Justin Lednar.

Where do you reside in Central Florida?
I live in the Wekiva area with my wife, Katie.

What do you do with your free time?
My wife and I foster and train Golden Retrievers to be service dogs with New Horizons. We love gardening too and working on remodeling projects at our own home.

Why did you get into the homebuilding field?
Back i...

The River House - a Homeowner Perspective


The River House

Nestled on the shore of the St. Johns River there is a magnificent custom pool home that was envisioned by Homeowner Stuart Kirban. What started as an interior remodel shifted to more of a whole-house rebuild/restoration after weighing the opportunities to start over with a completely new interior floorplan versus conceding to design conflicts the existing layout presented.

Stuart assembled a very talented Design and Construction team that produce a highly regarded final product. The project went on to earn recognition by the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)with a 2020 Grand ARDA (American Residential Design Award). The home also was recognized at the Southeast B...